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The Studio Project is an artist’s workshop dedicated to intention-based projects by Angela Hed.

Unlike conventional artwork where the medium is the starting point and often comes before the concept, these pieces take the form of interactive performance work, time-based art, and multi-media endeavors in which the materials used are determined by the project itself. The starting point in this work is intention.

These pieces are experiments surrounding the theory that intention creates reality. By beginning with an intention like Joy and using that as a compass for all aspects of the project, then it is right to expect that the outcome of the project will carry with it the energy of that intention.

By their very nature, parts of these projects defy traditional gallery space, needing sometimes the interaction of individuals all over the world, and other times a physical space for the culmination and documentation of a project.

The Studio Project delights and inspires through the beloved creations of Angela Hed. The inherent value and joy of her art is shared through its projects and gallery showings.

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The Studio Project

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