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Intention: Gratitude

The 70,000 Project began in 2012 and, just as life does, has evolved along the way...


The intention of this project is gratitude, specifically for every dollar my education is worth.

This project was originally meant to fill a need and balance an external issue in my life. It ended up healing something inside of me... and for that, I'm incredibly grateful. This project began as an answer to the question of how to pay for my student loans, $70,000 worth to be exact, while honoring the education I received,. As time went on, the pieces that I created within this project, and the very process of creating, answered a deeper need for healing in my life.

This project has different sets of artwork. Healing, is sometimes messy, and loud, and activated. Other times, healing is the space to breath, to feel all that you feel, and to simply be. After expenses, this body of work will be equal in worth to the amount of my student loans. Stay tuned for updates.

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